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Free Global Shipping Carnival - TOPTION lab solution provider

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 10, 2016
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

Q:I need to buy a laboratory instrument from China, but international shipping is so expensive.

A:During March-4th ~ Apr-3th, TOPTION provide free global shipping for you, are you still waiting?

Q:I need to change my instruments' a little accessory, but difficult to find as this instrument is not purchase from my country.

A:TOPTION provide free lucky gift during this carnival, you could choice the accessories whatever you need, and all TOPTION brand laboratory instruments has 1 year warranty, also we will contact you during whole instrument operating life, so please don't worry this problem.

Q:TOPTION carnival contains what laboratory instruments? How can I join in?

A:All TOPTION brand products ettends this carnival, they contains chemical glass reactor, teflon lined hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor, jacketed glass reactor, high pressure reactor, rotary evaporator series, photochemcial reactor series, vacuum freeze dryer series, spray dryer series, ultrasonic series,etc.

You could join in this carvival though web comments, also could send email:, phone: 0086-29-88763980, welcome contact us.

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