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Supercritical Co2 Extraction Plant

Supercritical Co2 Extraction Plant

1.Finish within one step, CO2 won’t be left on the products.
2.Quick extraction speed.
3.Easy to operate and adjust.

Product Details

supercritical co2 extraction plant

Product  Description  Of   supercritical co2 extraction plant

TOPTION Supercritical Fluid Extraction is a kind of high and new separation technology which developed nearly 10 years.

It has difference with conventional solvent extraction which use organic solvent, the new one choose a substance called Supercritical Fluid (SF) as extracting agent instead of organic solvent. Supercritical fluid is a substance that exists in a fluid form at the critical temperature and critical pressure.This fluid have the dual nature of liquid and gas at the same time, the composition has a strong ability to dissolve many extraction.

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Technology  Parameters  Of  supercritical co2 extraction plant





Two extracting pot-two separating pot circulation mode.





Two extracting pot-two separating pot one rectifying column circulation   mode.

Product  Advantage Of  supercritical co2 extraction plant

1)The extractor is equipped with a quick opening, the quick opening mechanism adopts special design (the technology introduced from US), and the switch kettle is portable and fast.

2)The extractor and separator are made of stainless steel integral forgings with high strength and long life.

3)Unique cylinder design, which increases the effective contact with the material in the extractor, overcomes the "bypass" phenomenon of CO2, improves the extraction efficiency and yield, and reduces the extraction time.

4)The heat exchange system is equipped with electric heating device. The temperature can be set arbitrarily and the heating is stable and uniform.

Product  Related   Of   supercritical co2 extraction plant



Agriculture Food

Extraction of   pesticides and soil contaminants. Separation of fats and contaminats,   flavors.


Extraction of active   components, preparation of natual products, viamins.


Extraction of   fragrances and oils.


Dry cleaning of garments.


Degreasing parts,   precision cleaning of high-value componets.

A wide range of   industries for the extraction of natural products for the food additives(such   as ginger, large bolt, cinnamon, anise, hops, pepper, cumin, etc.),   drugs(such as artemisia annua vegerarian, magnolia, angelia, etc.), health   care(such as sea buckthorn, samara, pomegranate, lycopene, etc).

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