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Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Equipment

1.0.1m2 evaporation area.

2.10L stainless steel double-layer insulation feeding tank.

3.Continuous feeding of magnetic gear pump.

4.CE certification reliable quality guarantee - molecular distillation, wiped film distillation, matched vacuum pump, heating & cooling system.

Product Details

Molecular distillation Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Equipment Supplier

Wiped film molecular distillation technology is a type of short-path vacuum distillation, molecular distillation process has the advantages of avoiding the problem of toxicity that occurs in techniques that use solvents as the separating agent, and also of minimizing losses due to thermal decomposition. 

CBD molecular distillation equipment design

Technical parameters of wiped film molecular distillation equipment:

Type of molecular distillation


Maximum distillation temperature

300  °C

Minimal achievable operating pressure

(depending on product)

< 0.001mbar with rotary vane pump and oil diffusion vacuum pump.

Throughput (depending on product)

5  – 12 kg/h

Evaporation surface

0.1  m²

Surface of internal condenser

0.15 m²

Surface of external condenser

0.15 m²

Wiped film system

Scraper type film scraping rotor

Maximum viscosity of product can be processed

Under operating temperature:5000centipoise.

Texture of materials 
S304 stainless stee

                    10L molecular distillation diagram.jpg

Main features of TOPTION this type short path molecular distillation system:

1. Feed tank: 1L jacketed glass tank.

2. High precision gear pump feed (3-15L/H). Feed tank jacket design, can be heated and achieve heat preservation by circulating heat conduction oil.

3. Evaporator material (contact with products): S304 stainless steel. And evaporator surface: 0.06㎡.

4. Heavier component discharge system and lighter component discharge system both are 5L.

collection tank of molecular distillation equipment

5. Heater & chiller are optional, and equipped with all necessary connections (the heat insulation pipe is made of stainless steel) to connect molecular distillation equipment.

heater & chiller of molecular distillation equipment

6. Vacuum system:

- Vacuum degree 10pa, need to equipped with TRP-36 vacuum pump: 9L/S.

- Vacuum degree 1pa, need equipped with TPR-36 vacuum pump + roots pump unit ZJP-150S.

- Vacuum degree 0.1pa, need to equipped with oil pump + oil diffusion pump unit T150.

molecular distillation vacuum pump system  high vacuum molecular pump

The advantages of 10L short path molecular distillation system:

1. High convenience operation, saving the manpower operation, automatic material feeding, set system to automatic control the feeding amount, the separated light phase and the heavy phase material are also automated through the pipeline to collection tank. 

2. Can maintain 24 hours continuous work non-stop,unlimited.

3. For viscous material, the feeding tank is designed as a double layer insulation tank, all tube parts are double-layer insulation type, ensure there will be no solidification which will affect material's separation.

4. If want to achieve multistage circulation distillation separation again, achieve the purpose of purification and improve degree of colour and lustre, could manually pour the collection sample (which is after the separation) directly to the material charging tank, the system for 24 hours non-stop, support multistage circulation operation.

   cdb molecular distillation equipment

molecular distiller for essencial oil distillation short path molecular distillation equipment supplier

MDS-30B essential oil distillation equipment

USA molecular distillation customer visit (1) (1).jpg  molecular distillation equipment factory

short path molecular distillation equipment supplier

Molecular distillation equipment factory directly sale, guarantee reliable quality and competitive price, molecular distillation set, wiped film distillation equipment, matched vacuum pump and temperature control system all through CE certification.

It's better to do than always thinking, contact now for molecular distillation equipment factory visit.

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