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Molecular Separation Of Hemp Oil Short Path Distillation Equipment

1. 10L jacketed stainless steel material feeding tank.

2. 5–12 kg/h throughout.

3. 0.1㎡ S304 stainless steel evaporator, design temperature of evaporator jacket: 350℃.

4. CE reliable molecular distillation equipment factory visit contact

Product Details

Molecular Separation Of Hemp Oil Short Path Distillation Equipment

Stainless steel short path molecular distillation equipment compared with glass molecular distillation equipment, has long service life, heat conduction is more faster so as whole distillation process is more efficient. These two most obvious advantages make stainless steel type molecular distillation apparatus be widely used in CBD, essential oil, waste oil, fish oil, etc.

Molecular Separation Of Hemp Oil Manufacturer

Technical parameters of TOPTION Molecular Separation Of Hemp Oil Short Path Distillation Equipment:

Type of molecular distillation

MDS-10BE Short Path Molecular Distillation Machine

Maximum distillation temperature

300 °C

Minimal achievable operating pressure

(depending on product)

< 0.001mbar with rotary vane pump and oil diffusion vacuum pump.

Throughput (depending on product)

5 – 12 kg/h

Evaporation surface

0.1 m²

Surface of internal condenser & external condenser

0.15 m²

Wiped film system

Scraper type film scraping rotor

Maximum viscosity of product can be processed

Under operating temperature:5000  centipoise.

short path molecular distillation equipment

cdb thc molecular distillation equipmentstainless steel molecular distillation applications

1. Material be heated in short time: Full jacketed layer insulation for all pipelines which the materials flow through. Ensure there will be no solidification which will affect material's separation.

Molecular distillation equipment Molecular distillation apparatus

2. High precision gear pump feeding material: Steady flow of materials from normal pressure to negative pressure, flow quantity does not change with pressure difference. As long as the set speed is the same, the amount of materials flow will be the same.

vacuum pump of Molecular Separation equipment

vacuum pump of Molecular Separation apparatus

3. Equipped well heating and refrigerated circulators & high precision vacuum pump:

heating & cooling circulators molecular separation machine

4. CBD, THC, Waste Oil, Fish Oil, Essencial Oil Molecular Distillation Application:

- Thermal separation of heat sensitive chemical compounds.

- The purification of organic synthetic material.

- The separation of effective components from the biological extracting solution.

- The recycling of industrial waste.

- Remove toxic substances in the food industry.

- The organic compounds' decoloring, and eliminate the unusual smell.

- High precision to remove residual solvent in chemical compound.

Welcome short path molecular distillation factory visit, contact 24h/7days online.

CDB & THC oil molecular distillation supplier chinese

cbd oil molecular distillation

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