CBD & THC Oil Distillate Short Path Wiped Film Evaporator

CBD & THC Oil Distillate Short Path Wiped Film Evaporator

1.Economical and practical.
2.Rose essence oil purification, ginger oil purification, angelica oil purifying & decoloration.

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CBD & THC oil distillate Short Path Wiped Film Evaporator

Stainless steel molecular distillation equipment advantages:

1. High Efficient: stainless steel material's quickly heat transfer rate, guarantee extraction efficient is 1.4 times higher.

2. Precision Vacuum Control: international universal process standard, prevent all factors to cause vacuum error.

3. Different Temperature Control System For Heavier Component & Light Component,benefit for heat sensitive material.

4. Automatic Control System, 24h Continuously Running: Automatic feeding and collecting, convenient operation and save labor cost.

5. Visual operation: sight glass at heavier component, lighter component, cold trap, could observe all material outflow change during whole research.

6. No Congeal: jacketed insulation pipeline and feeding tank design, benefit for viscouus material.

7. External Condenser: achieve multistage effect of thin film degassing & molecular distillation separation with 1 set molecular apparatus.

8. Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap,-200 degree centigrade ensure completely collect lighter component.

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TOPTION this type short path molecular distillation plant is for laboratory use:

1. Process development.                                                 2. Feasibility studies.

3. Continuous distillation of smaller quantities.

4. For heat sensitive chemical, pharmaceutical and food products.

The achievable operating pressure may be as low as 0.001 mbar in the short path evaporator. (Depending on product and process).

Technical parameters of TOPTION short path molecular distialltion equipment for CBD & THC oil distillate:

Type of molecular distillation

MDS-6A CBD & THC oil distillate

Maximum distillation temperature

300 °C

Minimal achievable operating pressure

(depending on product)

< 0.001mbar with rotary vane pump and oil diffusion vacuum pump.

Throughput (depending on product)

1 – 3kg/h

Evaporation surface

0.06 m²

Surface of internal condenser

0.1 m²

Wiped film system

Scraper type film scraping rotor

Maximum viscosity of product can be processed

Under operating temperature: 5000 centipoise.

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