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Rotary Evaporator Standard Choice, TOPTION Rota Evaporator Manufacturer, Lab Supplies

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017
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TOPTION production rotary evaporator is an ideal instrument necessary for the concentration, drying and recycling. Which is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, foods, environmental protection, universities and colleges, and research laboratories,etc.

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One standard rotary evaporator need to meet below specifications:

1.This apparatus uses the vertical structure modeling and makes full use of spatial arrangement for the rotation, evaporation, condensation, collection units, and thus covering little floor space.

2.The sealing element of this apparatus uses PTFE, which is corrosion-resistant and easy for cleaning.

3.The condensation pipe adopts double-effect (through cold trap and snake type) condensation method  to ensure  high  recovery  rate.  Ball-milling  mouth  is  connected,  assembled  and unassembled easily. Feeding and discharge valves can realize continuous adding of fluid and fast discharge.

4.Evaporation bottle (flask) is connected with the principal machine through the nut for easy installation and uninstallation.

5.Thermostat adopts the touchable smart digital display, which can accurately set the heating


6.Frequency control is available for the adjustment of rotation speed, with stable and reliable digital display.

7.Water bath kettle can be moved up and down. The RE-5220-type kettle adopts the method of single hand wheel lift, and RE-5220A adopts two ways, namely through power and hand wheel.

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More rotary evaporator customize welcome contact professional rota evaporation apparatus consult.

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