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How To Operate Lab Mechanical Stirring Glass Fermenter? TOPTION 5L Glass Fermenter Supplier

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2017
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

How To Operate Lab Mechanical Stirring Glass Fermenter? TOPTION 5L Glass Fermenter Supplier

TOPTION This series fermentation equipment adopts top mechanical stirring system, stirrer's revolving speed is stepless adjustable, fermentation parameters such as temp. PH, dissolved oxygen, automatic control, automatic recording, storage, printing, suitable for test in fermented products.

5L Lab Mechanical Stirring Glass Fermenter .jpg

Technical parameters of TOPTION laboratory glass fermenter:


TPF-GJ Lab Mechanical Stirring Glass Fermenter

Volume range






Tank material

Borosilicate glass & 316L stainless steel combination

Liquid loading coefficient


Blade form

Flat paddle / Inclined paddle / Bend paddle / Arrow paddle (Customize based on your actual request)

Structure type

Table, frame structure

Stirring drive mode

Speed governing plate control, rotate speed 50rpm/min - 1000rpm/min, range adjustable.

Sterilization method

In sterilization

Standard interface

PH / DO / Temp. Probe port / Inoculation port / foaming alarm port / acid / supplement, etc

Control method

LCD touch screen operation interface, PLC controller, Temperature, Mixing speed, PH value, DO value, vacuuming, multiplexing, acid, alkali, pressure, air volume parameters are measured in real time and automatic control. Digital setting, rapid correction, measurement data display storage and printing, password management, etc. And the communication interface can be connected with the upper machine.

Fermenter characteristic

Disinfection, safe and reliable. The method of inoculation is diverse and reliable. Elegant appearance and flexible operation. Easy to remove and install.

5L Lab Glass Fermenter .jpg

5L glass fermenter.jpg

More lab fermenter customize welcome contact learn more.

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