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How To Freeze Dry Fruit At Home? Learn Process Of Freeze Drying With TOPTION Engineer

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017
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How To Freeze Dry Fruit At Home? Learn Process Of Freeze Drying With TOPTION Engineer

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As we all known, freeze drying process is more and more popular in food, fruit and vegetable industry, as goods are easier for long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing, they can be restored to the original state and maintain its chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. 

Then how we freeze dry fruit at home?

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1. Choose the food type you want to freeze drying, the food which is rich of a large amount of water is most suitable for freeze drying. Their ingredients will keep complete after processing, these food can keep very well.

2. Rinse the food until ensure clean, to cut the food into small pieces, such as apple, potatoes and other fruits & vegetables to slices, so as easy to remove moisture in food.

3. Place the food on the plates or trays of vacuum freeze dryer. Distributed place, make them less intensive.

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4. Put the plates or trays which is full of food into vacuum freeze drying machine, cover the bell jar. If possible, please ensure there's no other food in lyophilizer.

5. During freeze drying process, moisture in food will happen sublimation,  all the water of food will be removed. After finish, just need put the freeze dried food in your storage bag or sealed container.

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More vacuum freeze drying machine customize according to your actual needs, welcome contact TOPTION engineer to learn more.

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