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How Does A Rotavap Work To Remove Solvent

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2016
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

Rotavap is also called rotary evaporator,vacuum rotary evaporators,rotavapor or rotary evaporator,etc. Rotavap is a kind of chemical laboratory instrument to remove solvents from your samples by evaporation. 

As its most advantage high efficient and gentle,rotary evaporatoris also widely used in molecular cooking for preparation of distillates & extracts, modern organic laboratory,separate "low boiling" solvents such as n-hexane or ethyl acetate,etc.

For a set rotary evaporator, it main contains water / oil bath, rotary flask, collection flask, condenser, vacuum pump, cooling circulation device, if capacity is over 10L, need to equip anti-explosion system,etc.

Whole working process of rotavap is very simple: 

1.After connect with vacuum pump, whole rotary evaporator will come in negative pressure condition, your research samples (liquid phase) will be suck in rotary flask, after finish material charging,rotary evaporator begain rotating with a constant speed. 

2.Under water bath / oil bath heating function, there appear thin film in the wall of rotating flask, evaporation steam through condenser to finish condenseration, and your removed solvent will be collected in collection falsk.

3.Colling circulation device is availbale for rotary evaporator.

These descriptions are about the simple working process of rotary evaporator, help you understand how the rotary evaporator finish remolving solvents from samples, and why vacuum pump and circulationg device are necessary? But you know, different rotary evaporator will help you get different evaporation effect.

So the result of evaporation rate is regulated by what factors? This questions you need to know:

1.Heating bath temperature.

2.Size of rotating flask and also collection flask.

3.Vacuum pressure.

4.Speed of rotation.

High efficient evaporation under matrial boiling points, finally make your research more accurate and efficient, so if you work in chemical laboratory, molecular cooking for preparation of distillates & extracts, modern organic laboratory, etc. Welcome communicate with TOPTION, we provide 24h/7days service to answer your any rotary evaporator questions ( ).

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