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How To Use High Pressure Homogenizer? Laboratory Homogenizer Supplier

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017
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How To Use High Pressure Homogenizer? Laboratory Homogenizer Supplier

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Homogeneous process is through plunger pump and homogeneous valve working together, make the material refining and uniform mixing in homogeneous valve area.

How to use high pressure homogenizer machine?

1.Add water to the hopper and turn on the machine. 

2.Adjust the homogeneous pressure to the required working pressure. 

3.When the water flows to the bottom of the hopper, add the material to the hopper. 

4.In the process of homogenization of the machine, the operator should always pay attention to the amount of material in the hopper, timely feeding, circulation or ready to step down. 

5.After homogenization, discharge the material in the quipment, when the material in the hopper is going to be depleted please add some water in the hopper. 

6.Adjust the pressure to zero and clean as needed. 

7.Turn the switch counterclockwise and turn it off.

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