Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator Cell Disruptor Mixer

Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator Cell Disruptor Mixer

500W,1000W,1500W,3000W ultrasonic homogenizer is also called ultrasonic material emulsifying dispenser,most suitable to disperse nanometer materials,such as carbon nano tube,graphene and silicon dioxide.Customize ultrasonic homogenizer China contact

Product Details

1.TUE series ultrasonic homogenizer is also popular as sonicator cell  disruptor mixer or ultrasonic material emulsifying dispenser, which is most suitable to disperse nanometer materials such as carbon nano tube, graphene and silicon dioxide,etc.

2.Working principle: Ultrasonic Homogenizer through its “cavitation effect” achieve oil blended with water emulsification, water blended with oil emulsification, dispersion phase and continuous phase mixing homogenization, it’s an advanced phonochemistry method to replace the traditional emulsify process such as propeller and colloid mill,etc. An important feature of ultrasonic emulsify is that you don’t need use or use little emulgator to get most stable emulsion.

3.Application of sonicator cell disruptor mixer: food industry, paper making, oil paint, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, spinning, fuel oil thermoelectricity, fuel oil central air-conditioning, oil, metallurgy, etc. Fuel oil blended with water combustion is an important arisen program now.

4. The core content of ultrasonic nanotechnology is to solve agglomeration of nano particles problem, as nano particles themselves is easy to reunite, want to get single dispersive nano particle is very difficult, so how to make nano particles uniform disperse into basal body, this is the key technology of nanotechnology.

5. TOPTION brand ultrasonic series products all use ultrasonic “cavitation effect” to disperse the glomerate particles. Add particle suspension liquid (liquid phase) in super strong sound field, use suitable ultrasonic amplitude to process.

6. As the inherent feature of powder particle aggregation, for some powder which is dispersed not well in medium, you could add suitable dispersing agent to make dispersion keep stable, generally could reach dozens of nano, even smaller. This type ultrasonic material emulsifying dispenser is most suitable to dispense nanometer materials (such as carbon nano tube, graphene, silicon dioxide).

Model (laboratory / small capacity test)







20-30KHz Automatic tracking

20-25KHz Automatic tracking

19.5-20.5KHz Automatic tracking

19.5-20.5KHz Automatic tracking



5-500W  adjustable

10-1000W   adjustable

20-1500W  adjustable

300-3000W  adjustable




F20 or 22


Optional Horn (mm)





Crush capacity  (ml)





Instrument protection function

Over-temperature, over-power, overtime protection

Over-temperature, over-power, overtime protection

Over-temperature, over-power, overtime protection

Over-temperature, over-power, overtime protection


LCD display

LCD display

LCD display

LCD display



Ultrasonic Cell Lysis Ultrasonic Horn Selection Guide

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