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TOPTION Exhibition Schedule In 2019

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 22, 2019

TOPTION Exhibition Schedule In 2019

We're thankful to global customers' some many years great support and trust, which is the most important strength to promote TOPTION development. In 2019, we wish get more opportunity meeting with global customers, so our team plan to attend blow international lab expo:

1. KOREA LAB 2019

Time:16-19 Apr 2019

Address:Kintex, Goyang-si, South Korea

Product: Glass reactor, rotary evaporator, short path molecular distillation equipment, etc, equipements for concentration, separation, extraction, distillation, purification.

korea lab 2019


Time:23-26 Apr 2019

Address:Moscow, Russia

Product: Rotary evaporator, short path vacuum distillation equipment, chemical synthesis glass reactor, etc.

analytica expo RU

3. Cannabis Expo

Time:22-24 July 2019

Address:San Jose,CA

Product: Cannabis oil molecular distillation equipment, wiped film evaporator, rotary evaporator, dewaxing filtration apparatus, glass reactor, liquid to powder spray drying equipment.

cannabis expo USA

If you also will attend these expo, we will be appreciate if could get your contact, or you have other expo advice, welcome contact for discuss, thanks sincerely.

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