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Autoclave Teflon Chamber Could Buy Alone

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2017
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

Autoclave Teflon Chamber Could Buy Alone

TOPTION brand hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor main features:

1.Hydrothermal synthesis reactor's shell is made  of quality stainless steel.304L, also support SS316L  staninless steel and copper material.

2.Liner materials is special PTFE and PPL are optional.

3.Safe temperature is 220°C (Teflon lined), 280°C (PPL lined).

4.Working pressure ≤3 Mpa (surface pressure).

5.Tempe heating and cooling speed: ≤ 5℃/ min.

6.Break down the refractory material quickly.

hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor

International normal size, support buy inner sleeve alone, welcome contact to customize.

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