Vacuum Filter Funnel System Pour Type Vacuum Filter

Vacuum Filter Funnel System Pour Type Vacuum Filter

Pour type vacuum filter funnel belongs to open system,suitable for filtering general solution.Equipped with wide caliber concave shape glass mesh,could quick filtering under negative pressure.ISO & CE certified vacuum filter manufacturer,support paypal & credit card payment.

Product Details

1.Equipped with wide caliber concave shape glass mesh, this type vacuum filter funnel system enable quick filtering 

under negative pressure. 

2.Pour type vacuum filter is widely used in plant extraction,liquid-liquid extraction and normal temperature reaction,etc.

3.This type vacuum filter system has own high reputation from  biological pharmaceutical company, plant extration 

manufacturers, pilot production, dewatering, paper making, metallurgy, waste water treatment, chemical ore 

beneficiation process in mining, separates solid-liquid mixtures, etc.

4.TOPTION vacuum filtration system contains pour type, suck type, stainless steel type, ceramic type, 1L~100L 

customization are supported.


Pour type vacuum filter



Filter cup (L)


Receiving flask (L)


FEP vacuum pipe


Filter disk

40-80 µm (grade changeable at request)

Ceramic buchner funnel w/filter disk



43 * 53 * 115H


Open system, suitable for filtering general solution



If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food Vacuum Filter from China manufacturers, suppliers and factory, or checking vacuum filter funnel system pour type vacuum filter customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

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