Parr Pressure Reactor Customize From China

Parr Pressure Reactor Customize From China

Parr pressure reactor customize from TOPTION China,ISO & CE certification quality guarantee, more than 10 years technology development experience support high pressure reactor customization for global researchers.

Product Details

Parr pressure reactor is also named high pressure reactor, 0.25L~50L high pressure reactor customization, according to different volume could defined as high pressure laboratory reactor, pilot type high pressure reaction vessel, industry high pressure reactor. 

If you couldn't make sure the capacity, working pressure or material of high pressure, which is most suitable for you? Then please not hesitate communicate with TOPTION, according to your actual research or production process, to design most suitable high pressure reactor for you:

 2L high pressure reactor                              2L-4 parallel high pressure reactor

3L pressure reactor          5L pressure reactor           5L hand-lifted type       Reactor stirring part

               10L pilot type high pressure reactor                                    50L industry high pressure reactor

If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food High Pressure Reactor from China manufacturers, suppliers and factory, or checking parr pressure reactor customize from china customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

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