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Professional Oil Free Vacuum Pump 8 L/m Min 220V MiNi Oil Free Piston Type Vacuum Pump For Laboratory

Professional Oil Free Vacuum Pump 8 L/m Min 220V MiNi Oil Free Piston Type Vacuum Pump For Laboratory

1.Advanced design, higher efficiency, longer operating life.
2.Have positive and negative connectors seperately and can be used in many areas.

Product Details

KP-II Oil Free Diaphragm  Vacuum Pump 

This proudct is also popular as oil free pressure vacuum pump, which is a kind of free lubrication compressor ,compressed air purity, large displacement. It is widely  equipped with experimental instruments, teaching equipment and scientific instruments.

Oil Free Piston Type Vacuum Pump For Laboratory.jpg


Extreme negative pressure ≥0.08MPa
Pumping rate 8L/min
Power 100W
Dimension21*14*30 cm

Main Features Of Oil Free Piston Type Vacuum Pump For Laboratory:

1. Diaphragm vacuum pump use advanced design, reasonable compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient to move, stable running, high vacuum degree, low noise, and long service life.


2. Equipped with different materials & different pore size filter membrane,  to remove the impurities of solvent, purification, bacteria elimination.


3. In chromatographic analysis, the solvent filter by it, not only can effectively prolong the service life of chromatographic column, and because of its vacuum removing effect, can also obviously improve the precision of  analysis system data.


4. Strong corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance.


5. Excellent structure design, be portable and low voice.


6. Can equipped with 50 mm diameter filter, effectively prevent particulate matter and all dirty things into the pump, guarantee long service life.


7.Multi-purpose, can match with solvent filter, solid phase extraction apparatus, stainless steel multigang filters, etc., also suitable for instrument which need negative pressure.

oil free pressure vacuum pump advantages:

1.Pressure digital display, easy operation, stable performance, high precision measurement, quickly response speed.


2. Small volume, light weight, portable structure.


3. Oil-free piston pump, imported movement seals, low noise, long service life.


4. Continuous negative pressure regulation.


5. Electromagnetic motor, piston straight reciprocating movement produce compressed gas, large gas displacement.


6. Oil-free lubrication design, compressed air is more pure.


7. Cylinder and piston use SF-1 new wear-resisting material, long service life.


8. Pump shell is made of high quality ZL102 aluminum alloy material, cooperate with streamline design, heat dissipation effect is better.


9. Surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, colour and lustre is uniform, stronger adhesion.


10. Strong corrosion resistance, high-end laboratory pump.


11. Teflon material, can be used for pumping strong acid & alkali gas.


12. Single pump head, vacuum degree can reach 8 mbar, positive & negative pressure double use (positive pressure optional).


13. Support 24 hours long time running.

oil free chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump.jpg

New Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump.jpg

Oilless pressure vacuum pump.jpg

Oilless vacuum pump.jpg

chemistry laboratory equipment.jpgOil Free Mini Diaphragm Lab Vacuum Pump.jpg

KP-I 20Lmin Vacuum Pump For Chemistry Laboratory.jpg

Oil Free Piston Type Vacuum Pump For Laboratory.jpgoil free vacuum pump.jpg

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