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Double Jacketed Glass Reactor New Delivery

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2017
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

Double Jacketed Glass Reactor New Delivery

TOPTION double jacketed glass reactor is designed for synthetic reaction of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. 

Jacketed glass reaction vessel is for the chemical, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals and new materials synthesis experiments, pilot and production.

Dual jacketed glass reation kettle  (1).jpg

Main features of TOPTION jacketed glass reactor:

1. Material: glass reaction kettle is made of high borosilicate glass, which has good physical and chemical properties.

2. Wide temperature range: high temperature (200℃)to low temperature(-80 ℃). 

3. Glass reactor support work in constant pressure and vacuum,vacuum degree is below 0.095 MPa in stationary. 

4. Conveniently digital display of mixing speed, frequency conversion, and constant speed mixing system, work steadily.

5. Mechanical sealing method, PTFE mixing propeller, excellent chemical corrosion resistance performance.

6. Corrosion resistant discharge valve is without dead space design.

7. The cooling or heating solution in the interlayer can be competely removed after reaction.

8. The whole structure is novelty, practical and beautiful.

9. Design of large bottle mouth, easier to clean.

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More double layer glass reactor customize welcome contact get free consultation.

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