Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer Pharmaceutical Industry Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer Pharmaceutical Industry Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

Pharmaceutical industry vacuum freeze drying machine use stable & reliable PLC automatic control system,high accuracy temp. control,most suitable for pilot pharmaceutical production.As ISO & CE certified freeze drying equipment manufacturers who have more than 10 years experience,support PC software to realize remote control and freeze dryer customize.

Product Details

TPV-200FT / TPV-300FT series vacuum freeze dryer is applicable to: pharmaceutical industry.

1.TPV-200FT/300FT freeze dryer use double color touch screen and PLC as control center ,control system stable and reliable. it can store 36groups of freeze drying program , and each program can be set up 36 segments. It can display freeze drying curve and automatically records data.Freeze drying data can be output by USB flask disk. This model is suitable for pilot scale and small scale production.

2.TPV-200FT/300FT model freeze dryer, with two compressors as cascade refrigeration , condenser temperature can reach <-70? .

3.Samples can be frozen and drying on shelf directly. With air cooling unit, easy to install and operate.It has two types:standard type and top press type.

Main features of pharmaceutical industry vacuum freeze drying machine:

1.Pre-Freezing and drying process are both finished on shelf, simple drying process.

2.Silicone oil circulatory medium, high accuracy of temperature control, shelf difference = 1?,uniform drying effect.

3.Shelf temp. could be adjusted, controlled, groped, pilot and industrial process.

4.Condenser separated from drying chamber ,better water capture capability and shorter drying  time.

5.Touch screen operation, PLC control, display drying curve.

6.Square tray is not easy out of shape, convenient operating and clean.

7.Optional charging valve, filling dry inert gas.

8.Optional eutectic point test functions.

9.Optional PC software to realize the remote control.

Technical parameters of pharmaceutical industrial type lyophilizer:




Freeze drying area

2.25 ?

3.15 ?

Condenser temperature


Vacuum degree


Water capture capacity



Cooling method

Air cooling,draughty,

 ambient temperature = 25?

Defrosting method

water soaking

Shelf size








Dimension (mm)



Bulk capacity Thickness:10mm





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