Freeze Drying Machine Electric Heating Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Freeze Drying Machine Electric Heating Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Top-press electric heating freeze drying machine finish freeze dried process in-situ, so as to prevent sample pollution and make drying automatic.ISO & CE certified electric heating vacuum freeze dryer manufacturer from China, support vacuum freeze dryer design & customize.

Product Details

TPV-10GD series of freeze dryers with electric heating function (patent machine).Products can be freeze dried in situ. It changes the complex operation and prevent sample pollution,and make drying automation. These models has shelf heating and programmable functions.

TPV-10GD top-press vacuum freeze dryer can records freeze drying curves, data can be output by U-disk.User can clearly view the freeze drying process.


TPV-10FD in-situ vacuum freeze dryer        TPV-10GD in-situ vacuum freeze dryer

1.7 inch embedded integrated color touch-screen. PLC controlling. Display drying curve.

2.The machine control system can save 40 freeze-drying scheme, each scheme can be set up 40 segments of temperature parameter values.

3.Shelf has refrigeration and heating function. Products pre-freezing and drying process both finished in drying chamber.No need of low temperature freezer, no pollution.At the same time provide guarantee conditions for automated production.

4.Control system automatically records the data and generate the freeze-drying curves. With USB communication interface, experimental data can be output by a USB flash disk.

5.Operating system has manual operation and automatic operation, two working modes, to improve the selectivity of freeze-drying process.

6.Drying chamber door use colorless transparent organic glass , use can clearly observe the sample during the process of freeze-drying.

7.Unique design of vacuum air channel, condenser has better and uniform water capture capacity.

8.Have password protection function, to ensure the safe and reliable operation.

9.Optional charging valve, filling dry inert gas.

10.Optional manifold ports for flask connection, round bottom flask and wide-neck flask.

11.Optional eutectic point test functions, convenient for getting freeze-drying process of the sample.

12.Optional remote monitoring and remote operation functions, convenient for user operation in different conditions

13.Vacuum regulation device is optional.




Freeze drying area

0.2 ?

0.1 ?

Condenser temperature

<-56? (no-loading),option <-80? (no-loading)

Vacuum degree

= 10Pa

Water capture capacity


Partition board size









Bulk capacity Thickness: 10mm



Vial loading number (pcs)









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