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Spray Dryer

  • 2L Lab Spray Dryer

    Contact Now2L Lab Spray DryerBeverages, Flavours and Colouring, Milk and Egg Products, Plant and Vegetable Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Heat sensitive MaterialsRead More

  • 10L Spray Dryer

    Contact Now10L Spray DryerAt a high speed of drying, after the spraying of the material liquid, the surface area of the material will be increased greatly. In the hot-air flow, 95%~98% of water can be evaporated at a moment. The time of completing the drying needs only several seconds.Read More

  • 5L Spray Dryer

    Contact Now5L Spray DryerAir through the filter and heating devices come into the hot air distributor which is at the top of drying chamber, the hot air distributor produce hot airRead More

  • 3L Spray Dryer

    Contact Now3L Spray DryerLaboratory table top spray dryer is the latest type of TOPTION which adopts advanced international technology and spare parts.Read More

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