RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator

RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator
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RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator

Description of New RE-3000A Rotary Evaporator 

Rotary Evaporator is the use of vacuum pressure, constant temperature heating conditions, using the rotating bottle constant speed rotation, the formation of large area thin film, high evaporation equipment installations. 

Rotary evaporator is mainly used for pharmaceutical, chemical and bio-pharmaceutical industry concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and dissolution of coal recovery. The principle is: in a vacuum condition, constant temperature heating, to rotate bottles constant rotation, the material in the sidewall formation of large area thin film, high evaporation. Solubilization by high glass condenser vapor cooling, recovery in the collection bottle, greatly improve the efficiency of evaporation, particularly easy to use in high-temperature decomposition of the variability of biological products Purifying 

Key Features 

Rocker plate button: toggle main board under the Ministry of pressure rise, toggle press the host fall under the subordinates. With ring nuts: smooth rotation automatically fasten rotating bottle, reverse rotation axis of rotation speed shifting. Stepless speed regulation. 

Technical parameters 




fast automatic lift 0-150mm


Speed digital 20-200r/min

The hot pot

Teflon composite pan ,fullyenclosed heater,power 1.4KW

Temperature range

Automatic temperature control, temperature digital display, RT-90


vertical, high-temp high-quality glass, double back a ball off of Condenser, large diameter airway, improve evaporation efficiency 




220v 50Hz

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