Hydrogen Production By Water Phoyolysis

Hydrogen Production By Water Phoyolysis
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Lab Solar source is TOPTION factory to establish a common development in a similar foreign advanced equipment foundation, its advantage lies in the special light source provides high strength

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If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food hydrogen production by water phoyolysis from China hydrogen production by water phoyolysis, solar simulator, photolysis of water hydrogen production system, hydrogen production by water photolysis, photocatalysis, photodegradation manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking hydrogen production by water phoyolysis customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

Photolysis of water hydrogen production system

Hydrogen production by water photolysis 

For Photocatalysis,Photodegradation,Photolysis

Hydrogen production by water photolysis 

Lab Solar source is TOPTION factory to establish a common development in a similar foreign advanced equipment foundation, its advantage lies in the special light source provides high strength, stable to the light of places. Simple operation, unique design, strengthening the condenser, air-cooled micro mobile design, power supply device and other significant characteristics of stability of luminous body become stable and efficient light source, optical laboratory supply of photochemical reaction of and other places of the best products, at the same time, TOPTION factory is the only domestic R & D and production factory. (exclusive domestic production, the details please consult the

TPR-Solar photolysis of water into hydrogen system is TOPTION Company reference to foreign imports on the basis of photochemical reaction apparatus , according to the majority of customer needs, combined with the well-known laboratory practice cooperation , the development of new generations of photochemical reactor . TOPT-I/II/V/IV/6S/7S/8G/9G/T/TPR series of integrated multi-function tool is mainly used to study the photochemical reaction gas, liquid solid phase flow system in a simulated ultraviolet light, analog visible , special simulated light irradiation, whether the load TiO2 photocatalyst photochemical reaction under such conditions . At the same time I also can provide customers with fibrous, arranged like substance reaction container and other special materials to solve different substances in the conventional reaction vessel placement issues .

But now for the energy crisis in the society now , our company introduce to foreign advanced technology, combined with the teacher's guidance Academy , especially developed method of manufacturing a new energy system equipment , TPR-solar type light water splitting system, which for photolysis of water into hydrogen , photochemical reactions , photocatalytic reaction , degradation of organic matter such as the direction of light , the main product is a gas , the gas can collect online and accurate gas sampling and real-time online testing . The advent of the energy crisis , hydrogen has become a relatively most promising alternative energy company based on market conditions, the development of TPR-solar photolysis of water into hydrogen system, which mainly consists of a variety of lighting system , a variety of parallel quartz reaction system and glass reaction systems, multi -channel gas loop control system, vacuum system , on-line sampling system , GC system ( optional )

Major Components

Photodegradation System

TPR-Solar system

Clean Bench

Clean Bench one set

General Frame

Stainless steel

Glass Piping System

1. Includes Transmission Light Reactor, Quartz Glass System.

2. Use Six Flux Valve to Control Hydrogen Circulation.

3. Stainless Steel Connection Support Frame

4. Consists of 7 suits of (A-G)

A. With Emptying Valve;

B. Connect with Vacuum Meter and Vacuum;

C. Connect with Electromagnetic Air pump;

D. Condenser Pipe;

E. Vacuum Pipe;

F. Connect with Vacuum Pump and Cold Trap;

G. Ground Glass Tube for Cold Trap Use; Glass and Metal Connection



150ml or 250ml Silica Glass Split-type Reactor

Vacuum System

Pump Model: 2XZ-2, Produced by TOPTION company; 

Vacuum tubes,  vacuum grease. 

Optional German Vacuum Pump(Price need to be Inquiry)

Fully automatic

Sampling System

1. Consists of Precise Sampling Tube, Application Valve Body, and Control Pannel, etc.

2. Two Special joints for 3mm and 6 mm Gas Chromatography Glass Piping.

3. Ten Meters of 3mm Chromatography Glass Piping.

4. Two Joints for 3mm Chromatography Glass Piping and Chromatographic Instrument (GC system is optional)

UV Energy Meter

1. Wavelength Range (Either-or)

A. No.1 Probe λ:400~1000nm;

B. No.2 Probe λ:725~1050nm;

2. Irradiance measurement range: 0.1~1.999×105μW/cm2

3. Degree of Accuracy:±5% (Related to NIM Standards)

4. Repeatability: ±1%

5. Cosine Characteristics:f2≤4%

6. Response Time: 1 Second

7. Service Environment: Temperature 20±20°C, Humidity <85%

8. Size and Weight: 180×80×36mm, 0.2kg

9. Power: 1 Piece of 9V Packed Cell

Vacuum Meter

Model DZA1 resistance vacuum gauge

Testing Range: 100000(Atmosphere)~0.05Pa

The output control: 220V/3A two-way relay(With Coded lock)

Display units: Torr, Pa, mbar

data output: RS485(with communication CD)

(Option):0-5V,1-5V,4-20mA AO(analog output)

Equipped Pipe: ZJ-52 or ZJ-52K

Panel Size: 96W×96H×180D

Opening Size: 92W×92H


Two Pieces

1: Transmission Optical filter with diameter of 50mm

2: UV reflecting part, Transmission visible and Infrared parts,70mm*70mm square piece.

3. these type is optional : 365nm , 380nm, 400nm, 420nm ,435nm,450nm,475nm, 500nm,520nm,550nm,UVRFE,UVCUT

Light Source

PE300BF(Imported from USA), 2000 hours life.

Or you can choose China light source,1000 hours lift


Power: 300W, External or projection type, Parallel light output.(TOPTION)


Power:300W,Includes Integrated type 300W UV Reinforced Xenon LampExternal or projection type (TOPTION)

Lightsource Controllor

Ballast, trigger, start-up system,300W Power supply for export

Light path switcher

Light path switching system

Metal Cooling unit

aluminum Cooling system

Lift Table

Stainless steel lift table 250*250mm used to adjust light illumination energy

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TOPTION is specialized in manufacturing and selling photochemical glass reactor  ,UV glass reactor system, xenon glass reactor, single-layer glass reactor,double-layer glass reactor, three-layer glass reactor,thermostatic equipment, ice maker, ultrasonic instrument, spray dryer, air dryer,extracting device and so on.

With 8-yaeas experience and after 8-year developing, we has gained increasing domestic and foreign market share and enjoyed good reputation in the industry, our products are applied to many university and scientific research facilities in many fields.  We can also produce the kinds of equipments depending on your needs.We believe the quality will not let you down. TOPTION company can custimezed various specifications of glass reactor system, we believe "TOPTION"  will be your "TOP OPTION".

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