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Pharmaceutical Industry Lyophilizer Customize CIP & SIP System Lyophilizer Manufacturer

Toption Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2016
Source: TOPTION lab solution provider

Pharmaceutical industrial lyophilizer CIP and SIP system customize,this two freeze dryer systems are designed based on mature technology, TOPTION engineers team use top quality material and parts which is widely accepted in pharmaceutical industry. 

CIP & SIP system pharmaceutical freeze drying machine's manufacturing process use the most advanced technology, equipment totally meet cGMP standard, software meets 21 CFR Part 11 standard.

Pharmaceutical industry lyophilizer freeze drying chamber is a kind of pressure vessel and products finish its vacuum freeze drying process in it. Chamber body generally use stainless steel square box, this reasonable structure design could make clean be more convenient and reduce the blind angle.

Put products in shelf, through freezing medium control temperature up/down,to achieve prefreezing and sublimation dehydration, besides, the stoppering can be fulfilled by shelves before products  exiting from the chamber. Use indirect cooling and heating method. Every shelf through special design, produce and processing, so could achieve uniform cooling and heating.

Cooling system of pharmaceutical industrial lyophilizer is consist of refrigerating compressor, water cooled condenser, throttle valve, evaporator,etc, provide cooling source for freeze drying chamber and vacuum condenser. 

Circulating system through freezing medium to control shelf temperature, circulating pump drive freezing medium circulating.


The isolation valve allows proceeding with the product loading, unloading and freezing while the condenser is defrosted. In addition, the isolation valve can be used to test the degree of product drying by measuring the pressure rising during a preset closing time.

This system is used for feeding and discharging materials through lifting and dropping the shelves. At the same time, it is good for cleaning the chamber. Besides, the stopper can be pressed into penicillin bottle. It is also used for freezing and drying scattering material.

CIP could run automatically or manually through control program, whole sterilization process finish automatically. Whole parts meet FDA/ cGMP standard.

Pharmaceutical industrial lyophilizer CIP and SIP system customize welcome contact 24h/7days service.

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