Pilot Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Pilot Vacuum Freeze Dryer


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    FD-2B medium freeze-drying machine / pilot-type vacuum freeze dryer

    FD-2 Series lyophilizer, with shelves heating function, use of electric heater to provide heat for the products. Large-screen LCD display, programmable memory freeze curve. Freeze-dried samples for laboratory or small-scale production.

    FD-2 Series host a total of five models

         1.FD-2 non-heating control

         2.FD-2A ordinary heating

         3.FD-2B gland heating

         4.FD-2C hanging bottle with ordinary heating

         5.FD-2D gland heating with hanging bottles


    Condensing temperature <-70 ℃

    Vacuum degree <13Pa

    Freeze-dried area of 0.1 square meters

    Tray material 1.0 l

    Sample plate Φ200mm 3 layers

    Cold trap size Φ280 × 420

    Water catching ability 6kg/24h

    Power Requirements 220V 50Hz 1800W

    Host Size W540 × D640 × H920mm

    Key Features

    1. With heated shelf, shelf can be preset temperature curve, experimental sublimation process automation.

    2. Large screen display curves and figures, including working hours, condensing temperature, shelf temperature, sample temperature, vacuum.

    3. Two-cascade refrigeration compressors, condensing temperature is 70 ℃

    4. Cold trap opening large material is expected to double as room, pre-freezing low temperature is conducive to quick-frozen samples.

    5. Cold trap made of stainless steel, cold trap inside the disk management, clean corrosion.

    6. Patented design draft tube to improve the effective area of the cold trap, quick drying.

    7. Imported inflation valve, rechargeable dry nitrogen or inert gas.

    8. Can remember 20 user programs, each up to 20, and memories of freeze-dried curve.

    9. By heating for voltage, to ensure personal safety.

    10. Heating elements made of special materials used to ensure the consistency of the sample heating.

    11. Optional USB communication interface, or RS485 communication interface

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