In-situ Vacuum Lyophilizer

In-situ Vacuum Lyophilizer


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    If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food in-situ vacuum lyophilizer from China in-situ vacuum lyophilizer, electric heating type vacuum freeze dryer, 0.2㎡ vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking in-situ vacuum lyophilizer customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

    TPV-10F Ordinary Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer

    Major Characteristics:

    1.The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ. The freeze dryer is equipped with observation windows and the drying process is intuitive.

    2.The partition board temperature is adjustable and controlled.

    3.PID controlling, and displaying drying curve.

    4.The sample tray is square so it’s easy to clean and operate.

    5.Valve with nitrogen is optional.

    Technical indices:

    1.freeze-drying area: 0.2㎡

    2.layers of partition board: 2 layers

    3.temperature scope of partition board: -45℃~55℃

    4.partition board space: 70mm

    5.size of partition board: 265*400*25

    Ф22 bottle: 370

    Ф16 bottle: 768

    Ф14 bottle: 970

    Ф12 bottle: 1300

    6.cold trap temperature: ≤-55℃ (empty)

    7.water-capture capability: 3kg/24h

    8.material: 2L

    9.electric defrost: none

    10.vacuum degree: ≤10Pa of cooling: wind style, temperature≤25℃

    12.dimension: 660*700*1300 (mm)

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