0.7㎡ Vacuum Freeze Dryer

0.7㎡ Vacuum Freeze Dryer
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If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food 0.7? vacuum freeze dryer from China 0.7? vacuum freeze dryer, silicon oil heating vacuum freeze dryer, 0.7? in-situ vacuum lyophilizer manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking 0.7? vacuum freeze dryer customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

TPV-50F Ordinary Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Major Characteristics:

? The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ. The freeze dryer is equipped with observation windows and the drying process is automatic;

? The Temperature error is less than or equal 1?. The drying effect is uniform;

? The partition-board temperature is adjustable and controlled;

? Stored 32programs, each program can be set up 36 segments, correct program data in computing, memorize the drying curve; 

? The drying chamber and cold trap is separated so the water-capture capability is higher and the drying time is shorter;

? Touching-screen operation, PID controlling, displaying drying curve;

? The sample tray is square so it’s easy to clean and operate;

?Configuration of the inflation valve, rechargeable dry inert gas;

? The drying chamber adopts transparent organic glass door the changing process of material is clear;

? The test device is optional.

Technical indices:

1. freeze-drying area:0.7?

2. layers of partition board:4+1 layers

3. temperature scope of partition board:-50?~70?

4. partition board temperature error:±1(ambulance)

5. partition board space:50mm

6. size of partition board:360*480*15

??22 bottle:1408

??16 bottle:2728

??12 bottle:4920

7. cold trap temperature:=-70?(empty)

8. water-capture capability:10kg/24h

9. material:5L

10. defrost style: nature defrost

11. vacuum degree:=10Pa

12. dimension:960*785*1450(mm)

13. weight: 500Kg

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