Digital Display Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Digital Display Vacuum Freeze Dryer
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If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food digital display vacuum freeze dryer from China digital display vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking digital display vacuum freeze dryer customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.

 FD-1A-50 vacuum freeze dryer 

Instrument Description 

Vacuum freeze-drying technique, referred to as freeze-drying, also known as sublimation drying. Widely used drugs, biological products, chemical and food industries. On the heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, hormones and other biological tissue enzymes, freeze-drying technology is applied. 

Key Features 

1. Desktop design, compact, taking up a small table. 

2. Appearance, ergonomic design, easy operation. 

3. Imported closed compressor, high reliability, low noise. 

4. Cold trap opening big, with samples of pre-freeze function. 

5. Cold trap made of stainless steel, cold trap inside the disk management, clean corrosion. 

6. Patented design draft tube to improve the effective area of the cold trap, quick drying. 

7. Imported inflation valve, rechargeable dry nitrogen or inert gas. 

8. Transparent Bell drying room, secure intuitive. 

9. Stainless steel sample holder, adjustable sample tray spacing. 

10. International standard vacuum interface, can be combined with a variety of vacuum pumps. 

11. Digital display of temperature and vacuum. 

12. Sample temperature display (optional). 


1. Condensing temperature: -50 ? 

2. Vacuum degree: <20Pa 

3. Lyophilized area: 0.12 m 

4. Tray material: 1.2 liters 

5. Catch water capacity: 3kg/24h 

6. Sample plate: F200mm × 4 layers 

Seven. Power Requirements: 220V 50Hz 850W 

8. Host Size: 380 × 600 × 345mm 


Desktop host, 2 liters of vacuum pumps, general drying device (sample set 4) 


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